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KEYWORDS: Confinement

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Date Format Image Collection
October 1946 Article    Document
1850 Lithograph  Lithograph of Alms House. Bird's eye view. Visual Still
1908 Book    Document
1851 Book    Document
1851 Book  Visual Still
1851 Book  Man being forced medication, while a dcotor looks on. Visual Still
January 1846 Article    Document
circa 1860 Lithograph  Long view of hospital from front; horse drawn carriage approaches Visual Still
1851 Book    Document
March 1913 Article    Document
January 10, 1969 Government Document    Document
February 25, 1843 Newspaper    Document
1974 Book    Document
1974 Photograph  The outside walls of a large institutional building. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  A man seen through the barred window of a door. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  A hole in a ceiling. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  The remains of a broken toilet. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  Rows of beds very closely packed. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  Rows of closely arranged beds. Visual Still
1974 Photograph  Unmade beds tightly packed. Visual Still
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