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American Charities
Pending such experimentation, the sterilizing of the essentially unfit who may be dependents seems likely to be carried forward by the humaner methods of sequestration and of custodial care through life. The permanent isolation of the essentially unfit has commended itself to men as different as Ruskin and General Booth, and already the movement to establish these philanthropic monasteries and nunneries for the feeble-minded is becoming the substitute for natural selection....
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Title: American Charities
Creator: Amos G. Warner (author)
Date: 1908
Format: Book
Publisher: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New York
Source: Straight Ahead Pictures Collection
Location: chap.1-4, 11-12; pp.3-148, 317-353
Keywords: Accident; African American; Alcohol; Alexander Graham Bell; Almshouses; Americans With Disabilities Act; Asylums; Benevolence; Charity; Charles Darwin; Child Labor; Children; Civil Liberties & Rights; Cognitive Disability; Confinement; Crime; Deaf; Demographics; Disease; Dorothea Dix; Economics; Employment; England; Epilepsy; Eugenics; Family; Feeblemindedness; France; Government; Government Agencies; Heredity; Hospitals; Idiocy; Immigration; Insanity; Institutions; Jukes; Jurisprudence; Labor & Commerce; Laws & Regulation; Legislation; Marriage; Martin W. Barr; New York; New York City, NY; Nomenclature; Philanthropy; Physical Disability; Poverty; Prostitution; Psychiatric Disability; Public Health & Welfare; Religion; Reproduction; Restraints; Richard L. Dugdale; Sensory Disability; Sexuality; Statistics; Sterilization; Urban Life; Venereal Disease; W.E. Fernald; Work
Topics: Government, Policy & Law