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Date Format Image Collection
1973 Pamphlet  Page 6: Photograph of Clarence Heyman, M.D., a doctor at Elyria Memorial Hospital. Page 7: Description of medical expertise Dr. Heyman provided for Elyria Memorial Hospital. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Page 8: Photo of Elyria Memorial Hospital Today. Page 9: Description of The Program Today (Elyria Memorial Hospital's current (1973) program for Crippled Children. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Page 10: Photograph of Paul Harris Founder of Rotary. Page 11: Description of Edgar Allen's efforts to establish hospitals in other cities. Visual Still
1973 Pamphlet  Page 12: Rotary International logo and motto: He profits most who serves the best. Page 13: The Spirit of Rotary: Quotes from Rotary leaders. Visual Still
1924 Book    Document
March 1919 Article    Document
circa 1940 Photograph  Photograph of man speaking into radio microphone at cerebral palsy fundraiser. Visual Still
January 10, 1969 Government Document    Document
1959 Article    Document
1974 Photograph  The remains of a broken toilet. Visual Still
circa 1870 Photograph  A group of five soldiers showing amputations of their lower legs Visual Still
1864 Photograph  Soldiers sit or lie on the ground in an outdoor courtyard. A nurse helps a soldier on crutches out the door. Visual Still
April 10, 1946 Magazine    Document
September 1931 Article    Document
1959 Article    Document
circa 1905 Postcard  A picture of large insitution buildings with a handwritten message. Visual Still
circa 1920 Postcard  Postcard of a large, institutional building. Visual Still
1919 Book    Document
1919 Book  Young man sits at drafting table next to large window. Visual Still
1919 Book  Man in bed uses typewriter while man in uniform looks on. Visual Still
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