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Page 8: Photo of "Elyria Memorial Hospital Today". Page 9: Description of "The Program Today" (Elyria Memorial Hospital's current (1973) program for Crippled Children.
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Title: The Program Today
From: Care Of The Crippled Child
Original caption: Elyria Memorial Hospital today
The Program Today
This booklet, undertaken by the Club's Crippled Children Committee, is still a further indication that the Elyria Rotary Club wants to help, not necessarily in the actual treatment, but to add strength to the spirit that "bridged the gulf". . .
So that parents may know that the project for the care and treatment of Crippled Children is still an ongoing concern. . .
And that Rotary can assist in giving information -- support -- advice -- help as they are able. . .
Crippled Children's Clinics (no charge at all for visits!)
. . .are held the first and third Fridays of every month, throughout the year, beginning at 8:00 a.m.
Location is the out patient department of Elyria Memorial Hospital, with the clinics under the supervision of the hospital's othopedic surgeons. . .
It is advisable for prospective new patients to be registered in advance -- but no child is ever turned away. Inquiries should be directed to the Clinic Supervisor. . .
After the first visit, future appointments are generally arranged in advance. . .
Admissions to the "Gates Hospital" section of the Pediatric Department are arranged by the Orthopedic Surgeon, the Clinic Supervisor and the Admitting Department. . .
Guidance and direction are given to sources of assistance that may be available. . .
Creator: n/a
Date: 1973
Format: Pamphlet
Publisher: Elyria Rotary Club
Source: Elyria Rotary Archives
Location: pp.8-9
Keywords: Accident; Advocacy; Charity; Children; Cripple; Easter Seals; Edgar Allen; Elyria Memorial Hospital; Fundraising; Health & Medicine; Hospitals; Institutions; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Medicine & Science; Ohio; Parenting; Philanthropy; Physical Disability; Rotary Club; Service Organizations; Society For Crippled Children
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy

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