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KEYWORDS: Identity

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Date Format Image Collection
February 1934 Article    Document
1990 Photograph  Photograph of ADA protestors crawling up Capitol Builidng steps. Visual Still
1990 Photograph  Two young people crawl up the steps of the Capitol Building. Visual Still
1854 Article    Document
circa 1925 Advertisement  Older man, a father with cane and bandaged eyes sits in room separated from another room where a woman does laundry while a child stands nearby. He is thinking about them--they are inside a circle of light and he is in darkness. Visual Still
1913 Photograph  Amos Draper stands on a stage signing. Visual Still
1913 Photograph  Amos G. Draper stands on a stage signing the charter of Gallaudet College Visual Still
March 19, 1908 Article    Document
circa 1887 Photograph  Young Sullivan facing camera, curly hair, dark dress, white lace collar with dark broach at throat. Visual Still
1886 Speech    Document
July 1931 Article    Document
December 1932 Magazine    Document
June 1905 Article    Document
July 1933 Article    Document
September 1931     Document
August 1931 Article    Document
October 1960 Speech    Document
August 1933 Article    Document
1955 Book    Document
1851 Book    Document
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