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Some Recollections: The Story Of My Marriage And Honeymoon
To me as to every other woman, my marriage was the most important event of my life, and as I look back upon it, I think I can safely say that no other event ever occasioned so great public in interest in me as did that....
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Title: Some Recollections: The Story Of My Marriage And Honeymoon
From: Mrs. Tom Thumb's Autobiography
Creator: Lavinia Warren (author)
Date: October 7, 1906
Format: Article
Publication: New York Tribune Sunday Magazine
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: pp.7-8
Keywords: Abraham Lincoln; Autobiography; Ceremonies; Charles Stratton, Tom Thumb; Civil War; Clergy; Clothing; Economics; Employment; England; Entertainment; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; Family; France; Humor; Ireland; Labor; Lavinia Warren; Marriage; Military; Music; New York; New York City, NY; Phineas T. Barnum; Physical Disability; Queen Victoria; Scotland; Short Stature; Soldiers; Transportation; Travel; Union Army; Washington, DC; Women & Gender
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts

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