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A drawing of an enclosed courtyard.
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Title: The Patio Of Georgia Hall
From: A Polio's Paradise
Original caption: The patio of "Georgia Hall"
The construction of this open court will afford ample air and light under the three beautiful pine trees you see, which are now growing on the campus.
Creator: Helen Holt and Frances McGaan (authors)
Date: May 1933
Format: Illustration
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives
Location: p.6
Keywords: Accessibility; Architecture; Diagnoses & Diseases; Disease; Economics; Georgia; Health & Medicine; Henry J. Toombs; Identity; Institutions; Physical Disability; Polio; Rehabilitation; Social Welfare & Communities; Universal Design; Warm Springs Foundation
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations
Funding Support Provided By: NEC Foundation of America

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