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President's Annual Address
With imbecility and its many phases of sexual perversion, recognized as a disease -- a sure means of transmitting inherited taint -- it does seem absurd that while we wage war upon microbes and bacilli, we turn loose this worse than leprosy to poison the very springs of life in more ways than one, forgetting, “The evil which men do lives after them.”...
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Title: President's Annual Address
Creator: Martin W. Barr (author)
Date: September 1897
Format: Article
Publication: Journal of Psycho-Asthenics
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.2, no.1, pp.1-13
Keywords: Children; Cognitive Disability; Disease; Doctors; Economics; Edouard Seguin; Education; Educational Institutions; Eugenics; Feeblemindedness; Government; Heredity; Identity; Ideologies; Institutions; Laws & Regulation; Legislation; Marriage; Martin W. Barr; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Medicine & Science; Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Training School For Feeble-Minded Children; Policy; Professional Associations; Public Health & Welfare; Reproduction; Schools; Sexuality; Social Welfare & Communities; Sterilization; Women & Gender
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations