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Mentally Defective Children In The Public Schools
The hopes of some of the earlier leaders in this work that a large proportion of the higher grade cases could be educated to the point of supporting themselves, have not been realized, although each year a certain proportion of the trained cases leave these institutions and lead useful, harmless lives, supporting themselves by their own efforts. Of the great majority of these trained cases it has well been said that they may become “self-supporting but not self-controlling.”...
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Title: Mentally Defective Children In The Public Schools
Creator: W.E. Fernald (author)
Date: December 1903
Format: Article
Publication: Journal of Psycho-Asthenics
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.8, no.2-3, pp.25-35
Keywords: Children; Cognitive Disability; Crime; Doctors; Economics; Education; Educational Institutions; England; Eugenics; Family; Feeblemindedness; France; Germany; Government; Government Agencies; Ideologies; Idiocy; Institutions; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Laws & Regulation; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Medicine & Science; Nomenclature; Policy; Poverty; Public Health; Schools; Sexuality; Social Welfare & Communities; W.E. Fernald; Work
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Science, Health & Technology; Social Movements & Advocacy