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One evening last March, someone in the Ward above mine opened a door. A radio was on and I could hear the dreamy voice of Ella Fitzgerald singing “April in Paris.” As the door slammed shut, I sud­denly thought -- April in Paris -- why not?...
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Title: Paris!
Creator: John Prestwich (author)
Date: 1962
Format: Article
Publication: Toomey J Gazette
Source: Gazette International Networking Institute
Location: vol.5, no.1, pp.46-48
Keywords: Airplanes; Assistive Technology; Autobiography; Automobile; Diagnoses & Diseases; Disease; Elevator; England; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; France; Hospitals; Identity; Institutions; Leisure; Physical Disability; Polio; Rehabilitation; Respirator; Technology & Equipment; Transportation; Travel; Wheelchair
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts; Physical Environment
Funding Support Provided By: NEC Foundation of America

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