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Private Patrick Hughes
PERFORATING GUNSHOT FRACTURES OF THE SKULL. -- A few instances were reported in which men survived after perforations of the craniums by musket balls....
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Title: Private Patrick Hughes
From: The Medical And Surgical History Of The War Of The Rebellion
Creator: Joseph K. Barnes (author)
Date: 1870
Format: n/a
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: Part 1, vol.2, pp.206-207
Keywords: Civil War; Cognitive Disability; Diagnoses & Diseases; Doctors; Employment; Government; Hospitals; Injuries; Institutions; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Medicine & Science; Military; Patrick Hughes; Physical Disability; Psychiatric Disability; Sensory Disability; Soldiers; Traumatic Brain Injury; Veterans; Veterans & Military; War
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Science, Health & Technology

Objects From This Artifact:
- Eight Years After The Reception Of The Wound (still)
- Gunshot Fractures Of The Cranium (still)
- Private Patrick Hughes (doc)