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The Mystery Of The "A" Men
Provided the footrule and the scales agree with the arbitrarily accepted standard foot and standard pound in the Bureau of Standards at Washington they can be used with confidence. But “intelligence” is not an abstraction like length and weight; it is an exceedingly complicated notion which nobody has as yet succeeded in defining....
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Title: The Mystery Of The "A" Men
Creator: Walter Lippmann (author)
Date: November 1, 1922
Format: Article
Publication: The New Republic
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.32, pp.246-248
Keywords: Alfred Binet; California; Children; Eugenics; Government; Government Agencies; Heredity; Ideologies; Intelligence; Intelligence Tests; Labor; Laws & Regulation; Lothrop Stoddard; Medicine & Science; Military; Prejudice; Public Health & Welfare; Social Welfare & Communities; Soldiers; Statistics; Veterans & Military; Walter Lippmann; War; WWI
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Science, Health & Technology; Social Movements & Advocacy