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Teachers For The Feebleminded
New York University will introduce this fall a two-year course in the teaching of mental defectives, awarding a certificate to graduates. It is hoped to make the demonstration school, which this summer is under the supervision of Meta Anderson, supervisor of special classes in the Newark, N. J., public schools, a permanent part of the winter work of the university....
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Title: Teachers For The Feebleminded
Creator: n/a
Date: August 29, 1914
Format: Article
Publication: The Survey
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.32, p.543
Keywords: Children; Cognitive Disability; Education; Educational Institutions; Henry H. Goddard; Higher Education; Institutions; Medicine & Science; New Jersey; New Jersey Training School; New York; New York City, NY; New York University; Schools; Social Welfare & Communities
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations