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Panels of the comic book, "The Will to Win." A woman shows Good Willy around Goodwill Industries.
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Title: The Will To Win, Page 4
From: The Will To Win
Original caption: Panel 1
“That’s right. We in Goodwill Industries offer our services to people with all types of physical and mental handicaps. In many cases, these handicaps are not visible, but the people need help!”

Panel 2
“Goodwill industries gives them a chance to learn their abilities and make use of them. Before they start on any job, they are tested for what they can do best!”

Panel 3
“One of the first services here at Goodwill is usually a medical examination!”

Panel 4
“But many of them have never worked before. Others have to start all over because of their handicap, so we help in many ways...”
“I’m in a wheel chair myself, so I understand what these people are up against!”

Panel 5
We often provide continued medical or psychiatric help...
Make recreation facilities available...
Offer spiritual guidance...
And help through personal counseling and evaluation!
Creator: Milton Caniff (illustrator)
Date: Circa 1955
Format: Comic Book
Source: Goodwill Industries International, Inc., Archives, Robert E. Watkins Library
Control no.: Boston Binder
Keywords: Assistive Technology; Charity; Children; Cognitive Disability; Employment; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; Goodwill Industries; Leisure; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Milton Caniff; Physical Disability; Psychiatric Disability; Psychology; Religion; Service Organizations; Social Welfare & Communities; Technology & Equipment; Vocational Rehabilitation; Wheelchair
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Mass Media, Culture & The Arts

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