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Panels of the comic book, "The Will to Win." Good Willy learns about how Goodwill collects donations.
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Title: The Will To Win, Page 8
From: The Will To Win
Original caption: Panel 1
“So the next time there’s a Goodwill drive, I’m going to ride around the neighborhood and get people to give clothes and things --- just like mom does with ours!”

Panel 2
“That young man has the right idea! How about you? You can put your usable clothing and other articles in Goodwill Bags and leave them in the convenient Deposit Box in your neighborhood!”

Panel 3
“If the articles are too big for the deposit box, just give us a call. Goodwill Industries will gladly send a truck for your donations... and you’ll help to make a lot of people happy!”
Creator: Milton Caniff (illustrator)
Date: Circa 1955
Format: Comic Book
Source: Goodwill Industries International, Inc., Archives, Robert E. Watkins Library
Control no.: Boston Binder
Keywords: Assistive Technology; Charity; Children; Economics; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; Goodwill Industries; Milton Caniff; Physical Disability; Recycling; Service Organizations; Social Welfare & Communities; Technology & Equipment; Wheelchair
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Mass Media, Culture & The Arts

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