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Emergency Goodwill Meetings
What about the all out governmental salvage campaigns? Can Goodwill Industries qualify under the man power commission regulations to secure truck drivers or essential workers through public employment offices? What legislation is now being proposed that may have a very definite affect upon the operation and services of Goodwill Industries? What should be the policy of Goodwill Industries in considering participation in War Chests and other campaign programs?...
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Title: Emergency Goodwill Meetings
Creator: n/a
Date: July 25, 1942
Format: Newsletter
Publication: The Goodwill Bulletin
Source: Goodwill Industries International, Inc., Archives, Robert E. Watkins Library
Location: vol.4, no.7, pp.1-2
Keywords: Charity; Economics; Employment; Goodwill Industries; Government; Government Agencies; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Laws & Regulation; Legislation; Policy; Recycling; Service Organizations; Social Welfare & Communities; Social Welfare & Employment; WWII
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy