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Legislation For The Handicapped
The recent publicity given to the President's message to Congress, urging a combined program of rehabilitation for the Service and Civilian disabled, is not only indicative of the President's interest in a program for the disabled, but also of the fact that, as these bills reach the stage where action will be taken, the Administration itself will add its weight to certain of these bills which it believes should be supported....
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Title: Legislation For The Handicapped
Creator: n/a
Date: October 26, 1942
Format: Newsletter
Publication: The Goodwill Bulletin
Source: Goodwill Industries International, Inc., Archives, Robert E. Watkins Library
Keywords: Advocacy; Charity; Economics; Employment; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Goodwill Industries; Government; Government Agencies; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Laws & Regulation; Legislation; Physical Disability; Policy; Sensory Disability; Service Organizations; Social Welfare & Communities; Veterans; Veterans & Military; Work
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy