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Title: Little Footsteps Music, Page 2
From: Little Footsteps
Original caption: Tiny feet that traveled lightly In this weary world of woe. Now
silent in yonder church-yard Neath the dismal grave below.
Little footsteps soft and gentle Gliding by our cottage door
How I love to hear their trample As I heard in days of yore.
Sweetly now the angels carol, Tidings from our loved one far.
That she still does hover o'er us And will be our guiding star
She sleeps the sleep that knows no waking By the golden river's shore
And my heart it yearns with sadness When I pass that cottage door.
Mother weep not, Father grieve not, Try to smooth your troubles o'er.
For I'll think of her as sleeping Not as dead but gone before.
Little footsteps now will journel In this world of sin no more.
Ne'er they'll press the sand banks lightly By the golden rivers shore.
Creator: J.A. Barney (author)
Date: 1870
Format: Sheet Music
Publisher: White, Smith & Perry, Boston
Source: American Antiquarian Society
Keywords: Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts

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