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FDR Responds To Criticism Of Heating System
The answer is a very simple one -- this cottage will probably be unoccupied most of the time in the winter. And if occupied it would only be for a few hours or for a day or for a Saturday-Sunday at the most. Therefore, the question resolved itself into what was the simples fuel to “turn on” for a few hours or a day. Obviously oil was much more convenient than an Anthracite Stoker....
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Title: FDR Responds To Criticism Of Heating System
From: Exchange On Oil Heating System For Top Cottage
Creator: Franklin D. Roosevelt (author)
Date: November 12, 1938
Format: Correspondence
Source: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Keywords: Accessibility; Architecture; Communication; Correspondence; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Government; Hyde Park, NY; Labor; New York; Physical Disability; Politics; Top Cottage; United Mine Workers
Topics: Physical Environment
Funding Support Provided By: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute

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