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Zip, The ‘What Is It?’ Plays Host to All The Other Circus Freaks
It’s seldom that an ordinary person dines with an armless woman, a sword swallower, a snake enchantress, a German giantess, a tattooed man, and Indian chief, a living skeleton, a 600-pound woman, two Lilliputians, a Somali warrior and the only “What Is It?” in captivity....
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Title: Zip, The ‘What Is It?’ Plays Host to All The Other Circus Freaks
Creator: n/a
Date: April 6, 1914
Format: Article
Publication: New York World
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: p.7
Keywords: African American; Alcohol; Amputees; Ceremonies; Circus; Cognitive Disability; Employment; Entertainment; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; Freak Show; Giants; Identity; Labor; Media; Native American; New York; New York City, NY; Phineas T. Barnum; Physical Disability; Popular Culture; Public Relations; Short Stature; William Henry Johnson
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts