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The State And The Fool
For this purpose education in the public schools is worse than useless. You may think you are perfectly competent to detect a feeble-minded child. Probably you are, if he or she presents an aggravated case of this malady. There remains what the specialists call "borderland" states, where the subject, because of some hereditary taint, slight, perhaps, or even because of some unfavorable environment, is on the verge of habits that, unless strongly counteracted by a special environment and training, will result at maturity in a condition permanently inimical to society....
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Title: The State And The Fool
Creator: Robert Sloss (author)
Date: February 3, 1912
Format: Article
Publication: Harper's Weekly
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.56, no.2876, p.17
Keywords: Alcohol; Cognitive Disability; Crime; Economics; Education; Educational Institutions; Eugenics; Family; Feeblemindedness; Government; Henry H. Goddard; Heredity; Ideologies; Institutions; Intelligence Tests; Jukes; Laws & Regulation; Medical Professionals; Medicine & Science; New Jersey; New Jersey Training School; Policy; Poverty; Prison; Public Health & Welfare; Reproduction; Schools; Segregation; Sexuality
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations