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Unto The Third Generation
One is appalled at the thought! Will some clean youth be attracted to her (for she is attractive, and only a trained eye could readily detect her deficiency) and so bring disaster upon himself and his home? Or will she sink to the lowest level of her kind, and add to the horror of degradation and crime with which the land abounds? Heaven forbid. Yet one of these fates surely awaits her, while society stands passively by....
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Title: Unto The Third Generation
Creator: Elizabeth S. Kite (author)
Date: September 28, 1912
Format: Article
Publication: The Survey
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.28, pp.789-791
Keywords: Almshouses; Children; Cognitive Disability; Crime; Economics; Education; Eugenics; Family; Feeblemindedness; Henry H. Goddard; Heredity; Ideologies; Institutions; Kallikaks; Laws & Regulation; Marriage; Medicine & Science; New Jersey; New Jersey Training School; Policy; Poverty; Public Health & Welfare; Reproduction; Sexuality; Social Welfare & Communities
Topics: Government, Policy & Law