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Parents' Ideals In A World Of Shifting Values
Through the popular magazines, through radio and television and an unending line of books, an ever increasing pressure is brought to bear on parents. To be sure, much that is sane and helpful is being offered, accepted with understanding, and put to good use. But, unfortunately, in sheer quantity this is increasingly being outweighed by the extremist statements that may become the curse of our times....
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Title: Parents' Ideals In A World Of Shifting Values
Creator: Gunnar Dybwad (author)
Date: May 1956
Format: Article
Publication: Family Service Highlights
Source: Friends of the Samuel Gridley Howe Library and the Dybwad Family
Location: vol.17, no.5, pp.65-69
Keywords: Advocacy; Children; Cognitive Disability; Education; Family; Gunnar Dybwad; Media; Parenting; Popular Culture; Punishments; Radio; Social Welfare & Communities; Television
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts; Social Movements & Advocacy