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In The Hall Of Science, 1933: Warm Springs Represented At Century Of Progress
The exhibit tells pictorially the story of the work that is being done by the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation. The leading feature of the exhibit is a collection of 42 original drawings, showing the changes in the human skeleton traceable to muscle damage by infantile paralysis. This collection is the property of Dr. Michael Hoke, and was loaned by him for the exhibit, which will continue until November first. It attracts much interest from the hundreds of visitors that daily inspect the Foundation's display....
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Title: In The Hall Of Science, 1933: Warm Springs Represented At Century Of Progress
Creator: Paul Rogers (author)
Date: July 1933
Format: Article
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives
Location: p.4
Keywords: Accessibility; Advocacy; Assistive Technology; Century Of Progress; Chicago, IL; Diagnoses & Diseases; Disease; Doctors; Economics; Exhibits; Fundraising; Georgia; Health & Medicine; Illinois; Institutions; Media; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Medicine & Science; Michael Hoke; Physical Disability; Polio; Public Relations; Rehabilitation; Social Welfare & Communities; Technology & Equipment; Warm Springs Foundation; Wheelchair
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Physical Environment; Science, Health & Technology; Social Movements & Advocacy
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