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Not All Of One Mold
Though the challenge to serve the handicapped child is great, it is infinitely more challenging to extend a welcoming hand to the handicapped adult. It is deeply ingrained within us to overlook differences in children, to tolerate their deficiencies, and to accept their inadequate performance. But many members of a congregation may be reluctant to accept "as one of them" the severely handicapped adult. Yet as we learn more and more about what the handicapped can accomplish and how well they can serve, this attitude of nonacceptance becomes intolerable. We can be sure of one thing: in a church where the adult handicapped person is fully accepted and enabled to participate actively, handicapped children will find a helpful climate....
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Title: Not All Of One Mold
Creator: Gunnar Dybwad (author)
Date: May 1961
Format: Article
Publication: International Journal of Religious Education
Source: Friends of the Samuel Gridley Howe Library and the Dybwad Family
Location: pp.16-17
Keywords: Advocacy; Children; Church; Cognitive Disability; Education; Family; Gunnar Dybwad; Human Rights; Institutions; Mental Retardation; Parenting; Physical Disability; Prejudice; Religion; Service Organizations; Social Welfare & Communities; The Arc; WWII
Topics: Social Movements & Advocacy