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Helen Keller's Visit To The World's Fair
We approached the White City the first time from the lake side, and got our first impression of the Fair from the peristyle. It was a bright, clear day; the sky and water were a perfect blue, making a most beautiful setting for the Dream City, crowned by the glistening dome of the Administration Building. Then we moved slowly up the Court of Honor, pausing every now and then while the teacher described the beautiful scene to me: the groups of noble buildings; the lagoons dotted with fast-moving boats; the stately statue of the Republic; the fluted columns of the peristyle; and, beyond, the deep, deep blue lake. Oh, how wonderful it all was!...
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Title: Helen Keller's Visit To The World's Fair
Creator: n/a
Date: December 1893
Format: Article
Publication: St. Nicholas; An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.21, no.2, pp.174-177
Keywords: Blind; Chicago, IL; Children; Correspondence; Deaf; Deaf-blind; Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation; Helen Keller; Illinois; John Spaulding; Media; Popular Culture; Sensory Disability; World Fairs
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts