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Woman And Peace
Down through the ages woman has accepted a sphere of activity far below her intelligence and capacity. Deceived, denied and bullied, she has frittered away her life in trivial pursuits. Only in child-bearing has she seemed to fulfill her destiny. Even in the education of her children she has had little to say. But at last she is beginning to shake herself free from the old laws, old customs and old ideas which our fathers held to be the best of civilization. She is challenging fear and superstition, and facing unashamed, unafraid, the facts that science has discovered....
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Title: Woman And Peace
Creator: Helen Keller (author)
Date: May 1930
Format: Article
Publication: Home Magazine
Source: Towson University
Location: vol.1, no.5, p.6
Keywords: Advocacy; Feminism; Helen Keller; Ideologies; International Relations; Media; Sensory Disability; War; Women; Women & Gender
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts; Social Movements & Advocacy