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Great American Women
We of today can have little conception of the difficulties these women encountered, or the brutal prejudice hat pursued them ceaselessly. They were accused of being infidels and atheists! They were charged with being free lovers! It was asserted and venerated that they were bent upon undermining the sacredness of the institution of marriage, breaking up the family and destroying the home! Yet the cause for which those women were slandered is triumphant today....
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Title: Great American Women
Creator: Helen Keller (author)
Date: February 1932
Format: Article
Publication: Home Magazine
Source: Towson University
Location: vol.5, no.2, p.8
Keywords: Advocacy; Feminism; Helen Keller; Ideologies; Joan Of Arc; Media; Politics; Sensory Disability; Sexuality; Suffrage; Women; Women & Gender
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts; Social Movements & Advocacy