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Forty-Ninth Annual Report Of The Trustees Of The Perkins Institution And Massachusetts School For The Blind
The healthfulness of the mental life and activity of our pupils depends solely upon the soundness of their material organism; that is, the physical condition which secures the uniform and regular performance of all the functions of the body arising from the harmonious action of every one of its parts. Hence all possible means are taken in our institution for the improvement and conservation of the health of the household, and no object is considered of greater importance than that of carefully and wisely guarding against any and all influences that would impair or endanger it. Our sanitary arrangements and hygienic regulations are most cautiously made; cleanliness and regular habits of life are strictly enforced upon all, and special attention is paid to the preparation, quality, quantity, and variety of food, which is one of the fundamental agencies in the promotion of physical well-being, since from it is obtained the material necessary for the growth of the body, and for the supply of the waste occasioned by muscular and mental action....
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Title: Forty-Ninth Annual Report Of The Trustees Of The Perkins Institution And Massachusetts School For The Blind
Creator: Michael Anagnos (author)
Date: 1880
Format: Annual Report
Source: Perkins School for the Blind
Keywords: Architecture; Blind; Boston, MA; Ceremonies; Children; Economics; Education; Educational Institutions; Employment; Family; Government; Heredity; Hygiene; Institutions; Labor; Laws & Regulation; Massachusetts; Michael Anagnos; Perkins School For The Blind; Policy; Religion; Sensory Disability; Social Welfare & Employment; Statistics
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations