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Helen Keller Says All Women Should Marry
“I am not telling my love affairs,” she spelled into the palm of her teacher’s hand. “They are not for publication,” although she admitted many proposals as a “star” -- and possibly one heart affair. There is said to be a certain young man who is attentive at this time....
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Title: Helen Keller Says All Women Should Marry
Creator: Harriet Ferrell (author)
Date: June 9, 1916
Format: Article
Publication: Chicago Daily Tribune
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: p.17
Keywords: Advocacy; Alabama; Anne Sullivan; Blind; Deaf; Deaf-blind; Family; Feminism; Gender; Helen Keller; Identity; Kate Keller; Marriage; Mildred Keller; Phillips Brooks Keller; Philosophy; Publicity; Robert E. Lee; Sensory Disability; Sexuality; Women; Women & Gender
Topics: Social Movements & Advocacy