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The Technical Training And Industrial Employment Of The Blind In The United States
One of the most important assets of the capable citizen is his ability to make a living for himself and those dependent upon him, and for that reason the technical training which may be applied to some breadwinning pursuits forms the most valuable part of the curriculum. ‘Tis a part of life to make a living. The blind man, as well as his seeing brother, may starve in five languages, may know the miseries of dependence even though he is also conversant with the beauties of Shakespeare, may have a Beethoven sonata at his fingers’ ends and not have the ability to teach the scale of “C.”...
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Title: The Technical Training And Industrial Employment Of The Blind In The United States
Creator: S.M. Green (author)
Date: October 1908
Format: Article
Publication: Outlook for the Blind
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: vol.2, no.3, pp.149-152
Keywords: Advocacy; Blind; Boston, MA; California; Census; Charles Campbell; Chicago, IL; Children; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Connecticut; Deaf; Demographics; Edith Holt Bloodgood; Education; Educational Institutions; Employment; Graduation; Hartford, CT; Indiana; Institutions; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Massachusetts Commission For The Blind; Men; Michigan; Milwaukee, WI; Missouri; New York; New York Association For The Blind; New York City, NY; New York Commission For The Blind; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Perkins School For The Blind; Philanthropy; Publicity; Rhode Island; Schools; Sensory Disability; Sheltered Workshop; Social Welfare & Communities; Tennessee; Vocational Rehabilitation; Winifred Holt; Wisconsin; Women; Work
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Social Movements & Advocacy