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Socialist Party Platform
Into the midst of the strain and crisis of civilization, the Socialist movement comes as the only saving or conservative force. If the world is to be saved from chaos, from universal disorder and misery, it must be by the union of the workers of all nations in the Socialist movement. The Socialist party comes with the only proposition or program for intelligently and deliberately organizing the nation for the common good of all its citizens. It is the first time that the mind of man has ever been directed toward the conscious organization of society....
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Title: Socialist Party Platform
From: The National Conventions And Platforms Of All Political Parties, 1789 To 1904
Creator: Thomas Hudson McKee (editor)
Date: 1904
Format: Book
Publisher: The Friedenwald Company, Baltimore
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: pp.409-414
Keywords: Advocacy; Civil Liberties; Civil Rights; Economics; Education; Eugene V. Debs; Government; Ideologies; Jurisprudence; Labor; Laws & Regulation; Legislation; Media; Military; Politics; Popular Culture; Poverty; Privacy; Religion; Social Welfare; Socialism; Suffrage; War
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Social Movements & Advocacy