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The Employment Institution For The Blind
For nearly a quarter of a century, this industrial home has served a noble purpose by furnishing remunerative occupations and contentment many capable men and women who would otherwise have been hopelessly idle and dependent either on relatives or on public charity....
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Title: The Employment Institution For The Blind
From: The Michigan Employment Institution For The Blind: Its Recognized Necessity And Proper Policy: Erroneous Current Impressions Seem To Require Correction: A Remonstrance From Those Who Should Know.
Creator:  Michigan Association of Workers for the Blind, Board of Directors (authors)
Date: 1928
Format: Book
Source: Available at selected libraries
Keywords: Advocacy; Advocacy Groups; Blind; Children; Education; Educational Institutions; Employment; Government; Institutions; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Legislation; Library; Michigan; Publicity; Schools; Sensory Disability; Sheltered Workshop; Social Welfare & Communities; Social Welfare & Employment; Social Work; State Government; Vocational Rehabilitation
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy