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Education of the Blind
When it is stated that prior to 1830 the blind of America were to be found "moping in hidden corners or degraded by the wayside, or vegetating in almshouses," it is the adult blind that is meant. Still blind children were occasionally found in these places, though it could scarcely be said that they were vegetating, as could be said of the untrained deaf children....
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Title: Education of the Blind
Creator: Edward Ellis Allen (author)
Date: 1920
Format: Article
Publication: The Encyclopedia Americana
Source: Available at selected libraries
Keywords: Assistive Technology; Blind; Braille; Children; Education; Educational Institutions; Embossed Print; Employment; Institutions; Kindergarten; Labor & Commerce; Perkins School For The Blind; Schools; Sensory Disability; Work
Topics: Institutions, Organizations & Corporations