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Victim Versus Victor
Already the Government is planning the greatest educational work ever conceived. Every disabled man discharged from the hospitals -- beginning indeed, at his bedside, long before he is discharged -- will be given, if he will accept it, a thorough course of vocational instruction in the trade or profession for which he is best suited. These courses lasting just as long as is necessary to make him competent, will make him able to compete successfully even with whole men....
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Title: Victim Versus Victor
Creator: Gelett Burgess (author)
Date: June 1918
Format: Article
Publication: Carry On: Magazine on the Reconstruction of Disabled Soldiers and Sailors
Source: American Printing House for the Blind, Inc., M. C. Migel Library
Location: vol.1, no.1, pp.20-22
Keywords: American Red Cross; Amputees; Economics; Education; Employment; England; France; Government; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Military; Physical Disability; Veterans; Veterans & Military; Vocational Rehabilitation; War; WWI
Topics: Government, Policy & Law

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