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Looking After the Soldier's Family
The ex-soldier is now free of all supervision and with his handicap offset only by schooling in a new occupation, he must face the competition and drive of life and sink or swim by his own efforts. Then of all times he needs a steadying hand on his shoulder, an encouraging word in his hour of depression. To overdo this help, on the other hand, to weaken his moral fiber by ill-considered kindness is to do him the worst of injury....
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Title: Looking After the Soldier's Family
Creator: W. Frank Persons (author)
Date: June 1918
Format: Article
Publication: Carry On: Magazine on the Reconstruction of Disabled Soldiers and Sailors
Source: American Printing House for the Blind, Inc., M. C. Migel Library
Location: vol.1, no.1, pp.29-31
Keywords: American Red Cross; Disease; Employment; Family; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Military; Physical Disability; Public Health & Welfare; Tuberculosis; Veterans; Veterans & Military; Vocational Rehabilitation; War; War Risk Insurance; WWI
Topics: Government, Policy & Law

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