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Men working with rakes.
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Title: A Substitute For A Cot
From: A Chance -- With a Running Start
Original caption: The sooner a man gets up and out into the open, the quicker his recovery. Light exercise with an objective is good for both mind and body. These men at Fort McHenry are making a new street and enjoying it because their efforts are put to good use.
Creator: n/a
Date: August 1918
Format: Photograph
Publication: Carry On: Magazine on the Reconstruction of Disabled Soldiers and Sailors
Source: American Printing House for the Blind, Inc., M. C. Migel Library
Location: vol.1, no.1, p.13
Keywords: American Red Cross; Education; Employment; Exercise; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Physical Disability; Social Welfare & Communities; Veterans; Veterans & Military; Vocational Rehabilitation; War; Work; WWI
Topics: Government, Policy & Law

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