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llustration shows Benjamin F. Butler spreading ashes labeled "Censure, Exposure, Desire for Reform, [and] Criticism" on a slide in the snow labeled "Slide of Public Mismanagement" to the dismay of a group of children labeled "Factory Employee, Sup't. of Charitable Institution, Prison Supt., Army Snob, Matron of Infant Asylum, Manager of Insane Asylum, [and] Superflluous Gov't. Employee" on "Beacon Hill".
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Title: Spoiling Their Slide
Creator: F. Opper (illustrator)
Date: January 17, 1883
Format: Cover
Publication: Puck
Publisher: Keppler & Schwarzmann
Source: Library of Congress
Control no.: Illus. in AP101.P7 1883 (Case X) [P&P]
Location: vol.12, no.306, cover
Keywords: Almshouses; Asylums; Benjamin Franklin Butler; Children; Government; Government Agencies; Humor; Institutions; Massachusetts; Media; Politics; Prison; Social Welfare & Employment; Tewksbury, MA
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations