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The Blind In The Community
Work in Competition with the Sighted in factories becomes more and more difficult to secure. That blind workers often do well has been asserted and proved so many times by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind that it is now a truism. But the application of the Workmen's Compensation Law deters employers, and work for the blind in factories is only likely to be a success when the law of supply and demand forces employers to accept handicapped workmen when the unhandicapped are not to be had....
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Title: The Blind In The Community
From: Reports Of The Ten-Year Survey Committee On The Work Of The Massachusetts Commission For The Blind, 1906-1916
Creator: Edward M. Van Cleve (author)
Date: 1916
Format: Article
Publisher: Massachusetts Association for Promoting the Interests of the Blind, Boston
Source: Mount Holyoke College Library
Control no.: IZB2, Cutter Collection
Location: pp.24-27
Keywords: Blind; Boston, MA; Economics; Education; Employment; Government; Government Agencies; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Laws & Regulation; Massachusetts; Massachusetts Commission For The Blind; Policy; Sensory Disability; Sheltered Workshop; Social Welfare; Social Welfare & Communities; Work; Workers Compensation
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Social Movements & Advocacy

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