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The Hollerith Method Of Statistical Tabulation
During the compilation of the Tenth Census the attention of Mr. Herman Hollerith, a special agent of the Census Office, was called to the immense labor and enormous expense involved in the compilation of the population statistics, and he addressed himself to the work of devising a machine for the purpose of facilitating this portion of the census work. After several years' consideration of the problems involved he has invented the following method, which is now under consideration by the Superintendent of the Census for adoption in the compilation of the Eleventh Census. This method consists in transcribing the returns to cards by punching holes in such cards, the various combinations of such holes denoting the different characteristics of the given persons. These cards are then automatically counted and sorted in electrical devices, giving the number of persons falling under each characteristic or combination of characteristics, as may be required for publication....
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Title: The Hollerith Method Of Statistical Tabulation
Creator: n/a
Date: October 12, 1899
Format: Article
Publication: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
Source: Available at selected libraries
Location: p.182
Keywords: Census; Demographics; Government; Government Agencies; Herman Hollerith; Hollerith Tabulator; Statistics; Technology & Equipment
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Science, Health & Technology

Objects From This Artifact:
- Gang-Punch For Punching The Enumerator's Combination (still)
- Key-Board For Designating Individual Records (still)
- One Of The Counters (still)
- The Card Removed From The Press And Deposited In The Sorting-Box (still)
- The Hollerith Method Of Statistical Tabulation (doc)
- The Sorting And Counting Mechanism (still)