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For Educating The Adult Blind
Helen Keller's eloquent plea for the adult blind, last evening, will not fall on deaf ears. Miss Keller's views regarding the three classes of blind who need help are quite sound, and it is surprising that heretofore the State, in helping these unfortunate members of society, has practically overlooked that great class of the blind who become so through accident or disease in adult life, the able-bodied, adult blind, who are willing to work and anxious to earn a livelihood, but for whom no adequate provision has been made in existing institutions and who therefore frequently become public charges because they lack the means and ways of getting started in trades and industries....
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Title: For Educating The Adult Blind
Creator: n/a
Date: November 30, 1904
Format: Article
Publication: Boston Evening Transcript
Source: Perkins School for the Blind
Keywords: Advocacy; Almshouses; Blind; Boston, MA; Deaf; Deaf-blind; Education; Employment; Government; Helen Keller; Labor; Labor & Commerce; Massachusetts; Perkins School For The Blind; Poverty; Schools; Sensory Disability; Social Welfare & Communities; Social Welfare & Employment; Vocational Rehabilitation; Work
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Social Movements & Advocacy
Note: From Perkins School for the Blind Bound Clippings: Massachusetts Adult Blind, 1886-1906