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Uncle Sam and a woman in an American flag dress cover their ears as an "Irishman" yells. Bricks with labels including "Irish independence" are scattered at the feet of Uncle Sam. The dim room has two levels of beds, with labels including "Frenchman," "Negro," and "Russian."
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Title: Uncle Sam's Lodging-House
Original caption: Uncle Sam "Look here, you, everybody else is quiet and peaceable, and you're all the time a-kicking up a row!"
Creator: n/a
Date: June 7, 1882
Format: Print
Publication: Puck
Publisher: Keppler & Schwarzmann
Source: Library of Congress
Location: vol.11, no.274, pp.220-221
Keywords: Germany; Housing; Humor; Immigration; Ireland; Policy; Portrait; Public Health & Welfare; Social Welfare & Communities; Social Welfare & Employment
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations