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A mother with a prosthetic arm cradles and snuggles her baby.  "She never lost her mother's touch."
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Title: A Mother's Touch
From: Easter Seals Campaign
Original caption: She never lost her mother's touch.
A serious accident. A serious loss. But with help from Easter Seals this child will only feel his mother's love, his mother's tenderness. Support Easter Seals. Give the power to overcome.
Creator: Terry Bremer (creative director)
Date: Circa 1988
Format: Poster
Source: Easter Seals Society
Control no.: 434250
Keywords: Accident; Advocacy; Amputees; Assistive Technology; Children; Easter Seals; Family; Fundraising; Parenting; Philanthropy; Physical Disability; Prosthesis; Service Organizations
Topics: n/a
Note: This poster was produced by Easter Seals in collaboration with Campbell Methun Advertising, Minneapolis. Published with permission from Easter Seals.

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