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Story of Edgar Allen's involvement in Gates Hospital for Crippled Children.
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Title: How It Began
From: Care Of The Crippled Child
Original caption: How It Began
. . .A tragic street car accident on Middle Avenue in Elyria, Ohio. . .
Memorial Day, 1907. . .
In addition to the 80 injured, nine were killed, including a young man named Homer Allen, due to graduate from high school in a few days. . .
This tragedy underlined the need for an adequate, modern hospital in the community. . .
Homer's father, business man Edgar Allen, recognized the need -- and started work with other friends. . .
By the fall of 1908 the new and modern Elyria Memorial Hospital opened its doors. . .
By 1909 Edgar Allen, in addition to his voluntary full-time responsibility as Treasurer of the Hospital, began turning his thoughts to the care of Crippled Children. . .
A survey conducted in 1910 showed that in Lorain County (Ohio) there were over 200 crippled children whose only care was what could be given in their own homes. . .
Edgar Allen's concern was made known to others. . .
In September 1915, the Gates Hospital for Crippled Children was opened as the Children's Orthopedic Unit of Elyria Memorial Hospital. . .
The name "Gates" was added in recognition of one of the most generous donors. . .
Creator: n/a
Date: 1973
Format: Pamphlet
Publisher: Elyria Rotary Club
Source: Elyria Rotary Archives
Location: p.1
Keywords: Accident; Advocacy; Charity; Children; Cripple; Easter Seals; Edgar Allen; Elyria Memorial Hospital; Fundraising; Hospitals; Institutions; Medical Professionals; Medicine; Ohio; Parenting; Philanthropy; Physical Disability; Poverty; Rotary Club; Service Organizations; Society For Crippled Children
Topics: Social Movements & Advocacy

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