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Drawing of blind girl with a message warning about gonorrhea.
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Title: Blinded By Gonorrhea
From: Social Hygiene Posters
Original caption: If the mother has gonorrhea, her child may be blinded at birth. Simple medical treatment at time of birth will prevent such blindness. Men who think themselves cured sometimes infect their wives with gonorrhea. Chronic ill-helath and inability to have children are often caused by gonorrhea. Many serious operations on married women are due to this disease.
Creator:  American Social Health Association
Date: 1922
Format: Poster
Source: University of Minnesota Libraries, Social Welfare History Archives
Control no.: swhp0087
Keywords: American Social Health Association; Blind; Children; Disease; Eugenics; Heredity; Media; Medicine; Parenting; Physical Disability; Public Health; Public Relations; Sexuality; Social Hygiene; Venereal Disease; YMCA
Topics: n/a

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