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Laurent Clerc To Mason Cogswell, January 14, 1817
You doubtless know, my dear Friend, that the adjourned and last meeting for the purpose of deciding upon the policy of having one only or two Institutions in the United States will take place this afternoon at 4 o'clock....
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Title: Laurent Clerc To Mason Cogswell, January 14, 1817
From: Letters To Mason Cogswell
Creator: Laurent Clerc (author)
Date: January 14, 1817
Format: Correspondence
Publication: Father and Daughter: A Collection of Cogswell Family Letters and Diaries (1772-1830)
Publisher: American School for the Deaf
Source: Yale Medical Library
Control no.: Biog. C659R
Keywords: Advocacy; American School For The Deaf; Communication; Connecticut; Deaf; Education; Educational Institutions; Government; Institutions; Laurent Clerc; Laws & Regulation; Legislation; Mason Cogswell; Medicine & Science; Mute; New York Institution For The Deaf & Dumb; Philanthropy; Policy; Schools; Sensory Disability; Sign Language; Social Welfare & Communities
Topics: Government, Policy & Law; Institutions, Organizations & Corporations; Social Movements & Advocacy

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