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A portrait of a couple standing, the woman in a dress with ruffles and the man in a suit.
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Title: "Pat O'Brien And Wife -- Giants"
Original caption: Eisenmann, Photo. 229 Bowery, N.Y.
Creator: Charles Eisenmann (photographer)
Date: June 21, 1886
Format: Photograph
Publication: Ronald G. Becker Collection of Chas. Eisenmann Photographs, Box 1
Source: Syracuse Univ. Library, Special Collections
Location: No.34
Keywords: Charles Eisenmann; Entertainment; Freak Show; Giants; Ohio; Patrick O'Brien; Physical Disability; Popular Culture; Portrait; Side Show
Topics: n/a
Note: Inscribed on the reverse is "Pat O'Brien and wife -- giants, Canton, Ohio, June 21, 1886, 8'4" and 8'2""