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Jessy Allan, The Lame Girl: A Story, Founded on Facts
He then went away, and when Jessy heard his last step as he left the room, all her power to act firmly seemed to go with him, and she sunk down in her bed, and wept bitterly. Every painful thing came before her, -- the dreadful operation, -- lameness...
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Title: Jessy Allan, The Lame Girl: A Story, Founded on Facts
Creator: Grace Kennedy (author)
Date: 1850
Format: Book
Publisher: Robert Carter and Brothers, New York
Source: Yale University Library
Control no.: In K382 822g
Keywords: Accident; Alcohol; Amputees; Assistive Technology; Benevolence; Children; Children's Literature; Crutch; Death; Disease; Doctors; Economics; Education; Employment; Family; Hospitals; Institutions; Media; Medical Professionals; Moral Literature; Nursing; Pain; Parenting; Physical Disability; Poverty; Prosthesis; Religion; Rural Life; Schools; Scotland; Social Welfare & Communities; Sunday School; Work
Topics: Mass Media, Culture & The Arts; Social Movements & Advocacy
Note: This is the third American edition, from the ninth Edinburgh edition. The book was first published in Scotland circa 1822.