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An advertisement for a stair lift and a home elevator.

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Title: Inclinator Company Of America
Original caption: "To make Life Easier for polios and other handicapped people"
Stair-climbing presents serious hazards to all who are afflicted with "polio", impaired heart action, arthritis, and the infirmities of age. Where physical disabilities make stair-climbing distressing or tiresome these modern conveniences are a necessity, permitting the invalid to avoid painful and fatiguing efforts.
INCLIN-ATOR (Trademark Reg.)
Easily and quickly installed on existing stairways; provides a simple and safe method of ascent and descent, thus making the entire house available to the patient. Electrically controlled; operated from car, or from top or bottom of stairs. Equipment with effective safety devices.
"Elevette (Trademark Reg.)
Where stairs are not adapted to the INCLIN-ATOR, this new and unique form of home elvator can be installed in stairwells or other small space. Car constructed to fit available space and when desired made sufficiently large to carry medium-size wheel chair. Controlled electrically.
For complete information and name of nearest representative, address
1458 Vernon Street,
Harrisburg,PA., U.S.A.
Originators And Manufacturers of Simplified Electric Passenger Lifts for the Home
Creator: n/a
Date: April 1933
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives