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Bubbles From The Springs -- High Spots Of A Full Month

From: Bubbles From The Springs
Creator: n/a
Date: January 1934
Publication: The Polio Chronicle
Source: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation Archives

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The dance on December 2 at the P1ayhouse started slowly but wound up in a blaze of fun, with visiting newspapermen trying to bribe Perry Bechtel and his harmony boys to play an extra hour. It was scheduled from 8 to 12 because the next day was Sunday. The patients got the treat of the early music after a hectic week of "affairs."


President Roosevelt and his party left Warm Springs the next day, Sunday, December 3. Folks came from miles around to see the President off for Washington after a happy two weeks at the "Little White House." Perhaps his smile of farewell was more infectious than ever because his dream of Warm Springs was coming true. While here he had dedicated new Georgia Hall, presided at the annual Thanksgiving dinner of the Warm Springs Family in the beautiful new dining room, and heard reports at the meeting of Foundation trustees which indicate that further expansion and progress were in sight.


Engineering difficulties required suspension of the twice-a-week movies at the Foundation for about three weeks. During this time, three parties were organized to take in the movie at Manchester, five miles away. Do polios like riding in the moonlight, or, do they?


This holiday season came in with a delightful presentation of "Little Women," by a group from the Columbus (Ga.) School of Dramatic Art on Friday afternoon, the 22nd. Our thanks are to Mrs. Emmet Cockrill for a charming dramatization of the first part of Louisa M Alcott's classic.


With summer weather and violets blooming, we hardly new Christmas was on us until Sunday, the day before the festival day. A manger scene, and children's voices singing "Silent Night, Holy Night," and a chorus of Christmas carols heralded another Christian anniversary. The young patients from the "Rec" played and sang the adoration of the manger scene. A gowned choir of girls, some patients and some new gave a beautiful selection of quaint old Christmas carols. There were early Italian carols and French, and German, and Russian, and English, all splendidly sung under the direction of Mrs. Wirth Dunham. Begun in the beauty of a winter sunset, amid the glow of many candles, the service was carried through a charm of scene and song that touched everyone. "'Twas the night before -- Christmas!"


I don't suppose it is news to say that Santa Claus came on Christmas Day, but he really did make it way down here in the South, snow or no snow. Christmas afternoon he appeared from behind the big Christmas tree in the music alcove of Georgia Hall and passed out presents to one and all from the Warm Springs Family tree. Santa was lots of fun -- he even recognized, to their immense delight, some of the youngsters to whom he brought presents last year. "Ye Olde Holyday Banquette" was the title of the annual holiday party, on Friday, December 29. "Uncle Mac" (Geo. E. MacArthur) was master of ceremonies, carrying the evening along in the spirit of genial, informal cameraderie that has brought him that affectionate nickname. Phil Buchen gave an appreciation of recent Foundation improvements, citing, as an aside, Fred Botts' new tie. There was a bit of ancient Warm Springs history by the said Fred, in the best Van Loon style. Elizabeth Angell was presented with a personal journal for her memoirs, as a token of thanks for her leadership as president of the National Patients' Committee, and, after a clever toast by Anne Hudson, the book "Anthony Adverse" was presented to Mrs. Wirth Dunham in appreciation of her work on Thanksgiving and Christmas entertainment. Several entertainers brought from Columbus, Georgia, by Mrs. B. A. Renfroe, provided the concluding acts of the "Banquette."


New Year's Eve celebration started with a big laugh and continued through a game hour, foolish but funny; a movie, "Design for Living," out at 11:30; and refreshments served in the old Inn lobby as the New Year came in. And a good time was had by all, folks!